Apr 162016

The bookmarklets in the wp-edit.htm file linked below are for WordPress websites that do not display a login link, which is commonly in the Meta widget in the sidebar.  If the only reason you have a Meta widget in your sidebar is for the login link it contains, then you can add these bookmarklets to your browser and then remove the Meta widget from the sidebar of your WordPress site or sites.  The links inside the wp-edit.htm file are javascript based bookmarklets.  Bookmarklets are intelligent bookmarks (or Favorites as Microsoft calls them) that dynamically determine what url to open.  The javascript code could be much shorter, but the first several steps in the code attempt to ensure that the current site is WordPress based, and that the page can be opened.  The link below is configured to open wp-edit.htm in a new tab or window.  wp-edit.htm contains text instructions for each bookmarklet and it’s purpose.

WordPress Bookmarklets wp-edit, wp-admin, wp-login

The Press This link offered in the Tools control panel in a WordPress site is a bookmarklet.

A web page with some good notes on how to develop bookmarklets:–net-18154