Aug 172013

This site is about command line programming, scripting (mostly Microsoft Windows), automation, and COM/ActiveX objects.  It contains information about VBScript scripting, Command Prompt scripting, C programming and the construction of COM components.  Many caveats will be documented here.

VBScript refers to Visual Basic Scripting Edition which is run using either Cscript.exe or Wscript.exe.

Command Prompt scripting refers to command shell scripts that run in a Command Prompt window, a.k.a. console window, on Microsoft Windows.  The command shell provided by Microsoft runs under cmd.exe.

COM components are Common Object Model components or ActiveX objects.  The two types discussed on this site are libraries based in a .DLL file and VBScript components loaded/registered from a .wsc file.

The pages on this site are copyrighted by Stefan Ozminski


Unless stated otherwise, the scripts provided on this site and their sources are copyrighted freeware.
You may modify them, as long as a reference to the original code is included in the modified code.

Use the scripts and programs provided on this site at your own risk.  The author provides no warranty or guarantee of suitability, and the author cannot be held responsible for damages, direct or consequential from using the techniques or programs presented here.  If you don’t agree to these terms, don’t use the programs.  If you use techniques or programs provided here, it implies that you agree to these terms.

All trademarks including but not limited to Microsoft, Windows, NT, Vista, Visual Basic, Visual Studio and Visual C++ are used for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

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